Workplaces today are rugged, shape-shifting terrains. In your journey through one, circumstances can often rapidly spin out of control. The promising career you eagerly started on can soon get stuck in the quicksand of unpredictability. Your hard work and commitment seem under-appreciated. You live in constant fear of losing your position, power, or prestige. At such times, even the most competent among us can feel lost. Finding the way out on your own can be frustratingly complex as your perspective tends to get clouded by anger, confusion, and subjectivity. Without a realistic self-evaluation and an objective grasp of the situation, you can sink deeper into despair.


HARK (Heed-Assess-Reason-Know) is a coaching methodology that draws on the principle of Personal Intelligence and is built to help employed individuals deal with the chaos around them and make impactful strides in an ever-changing workplace. Developed from learnings gained over ten years at both large corporates and small start-ups, this methodology has proved effective enough to be applied universally. It encourages a paradigm shift from panic and perplexity to predictability and performance at the workplace.

Research studies conducted by Harvard, the Carnegie Foundation, and Stanford Research Center found that 85% of a person’s job success is due to well-developed people skills. The reason is simple: very few people work in an isolated environment. Whether in the corporate or any other sector, most of us work in a team or large group. As such, our goals and targets are communicated to us through a labyrinthian chain of hierarchy. Wherever groups of people are involved, there is an interplay of sensitive and complex interpersonal dynamics. HARK Methodology takes a unique approach by taking into consideration the understanding of individual personality differences and our ability to reason about our personality and those of other people. HARK Coaching will help you to navigate through the intricate strands of the hierarchy (interpersonal intelligence) and clearly understand the organizational expectations from you ; thus enabling you to focus sharply and clearly on what is relevant for success.


“Hark Coaching Services is a good fit for someone who has the ability and skill to do their job but lack an honest feedback mechanism and personal ability to interpret complex situations or people accurately,” says Jay, Founder of HARK Coaching Services. “The methodology can be translated into simple practical steps and will enable anyone to overcome uncertainty and arrive at a clearer understanding about the way forward.”

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