Covid 19 changed the world, or did it?

How we conduct business will never be the same again. The days of spending countless hours locked in cubicles, attending endless meetings etc, changed the day the world shut down. Now employers have developed robust countermeasures for coming into the office. Some work, some don’t. The one thing that has remained constant in the business world is the need to learn how to walk the tightrope of interoffice politics.

“Workplace Politics, A Perennial Pandemic” compares lessons learned from both the health and the workplace crisis. We can’t escape the fact that there is a tangible layer of toxicity in almost every office, which is capable of ruining careers and making the experience miserable for all.

These observations, born of the naivete and personal experience of a person fresh out of business school, and facing the harsh realities of his environment.” Workplace Politics” attacks the root cause of the key problems while presenting practical ways to counter them. At the core is the underlying similarities between the Covid 19 pandemic and politics at the workplace.

By understanding the criticality of both, office managers, workers and employers can prepare themselves better to deal with their workplace dynamics.

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