Start connecting with colleagues if you want to succeed

Studies have shown that happiness cannot be achieved without social relationships and that 85% of professional success comes from people skills. While some of us are hired for the very skill of managing external relationships and clients, we soon realize that managing internal stakeholders is a necessary evil. Whether it is our bosses, peers, support […]

How well do you relate with your colleagues?

We navigate through multiple personalities during the course of a day. The minute we step into the workplace, from the security gate to the front desk to the elevator to the office floor to the cafeteria and other common areas, we need to interact with co-workers, managers, clients, various support teams, etc. Sometimes we choose […]

Why it is not so easy to work with colleagues

As per Professor Yuval Noah Harari, author of “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind”, the only reason we humans control the planet is because of our ability to cooperate flexibly and in large numbers. In any organization- corporate or otherwise, working together is key to its success and there are numerous case studies of such […]

How to understand your Boss better

There is a popular saying that employees do not quit a bad job, they leave a bad boss. Hence it’s no surprise that companies like Google have spent over 10 years studying the common behaviors and traits of high performing managers so that they can invest in recruiting or developing the ideal manager. Hundreds of […]

How I survived a toxic workplace

The Great Place to Work certification process involves inviting companies to participate in a culture audit, a proprietary tool designed for companies to showcase their stories about how they create a great workplace for their employees. Most of the top companies in the world have defined core values or a set of guiding principles and […]