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Workplace Politics is Destructive

The modern workplace is hyper-competitive. There’s a constant hustle for power and position. In such an intense environment, politics becomes inevitable, or maybe even necessary. When everyone is desperately clambering to the top, someone always gets pushed down and walked upon. None of us want to be in that miserable place, and yet most of us take workplace politics for granted. We don’t realize that if we are unprepared, it can plunge us into a downward spiral of self-doubt and despair that not just messes with our work but also sucks the goodness out of every area of our lives, leaving us overwhelmed and vulnerable.

Are you caught in one and fumbling for a way out? You are not alone.

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Our Expertise Can Shield You

HARK Coaching gives you the toolkit to clearly assess work relationships, accurately understand yourself, and fearlessly face future challenges. We build in you a deep awareness of your own strengths so you can play them out in your everyday battles. HARK’s unbreakable promise is to provide you with a solid, impenetrable shield (represented by the four-spoke shield in our logo) that incorporates the four dimensions of the program HEED-ASSESS- REASON-KNOW.


HARK (Heed- Assess-Reason-Know) is a unique coaching methodology that draws on the futuristic principle of Personal Intelligence. Developed after 10 years of personal experience and learnings at both large corporates and small start-ups, this methodology has been proven highly effective in diverse settings. HARK’s approach includes :

  • Personal Intelligence Assessment (PAQ test)
  • Realistic Evaluation of the Workplace
  • Holistic Problem-Solving
  • Need-based real-time support


Paying attention to all internal social, emotional and physical cues. This stage involves:

  • reflecting on our own strengths, goals and areas of improvement;
  • getting to know ourselves better by being open minded and honest and paying attention to our own thoughts, feelings and desires.


Measuring and evaluating the nature and quality of relationships. This stage includes:

  • an intentional or conscious analysis of work-relationships;
  • acquiring a better understanding of the  personalities involved in our daily interactions;
  • careful consideration of facts vs feelings to remove errors in judgements.


Planning with careful thought and intent to produce a desired outcome. The Reason stage covers:

  • planning for a desired outcome after considering our circumstances strengths and limitations and a true representation of the people involved;
  • crafting a plan that even if imperfect, has purpose and perspective.


Implementing plans to gain better understanding, recognition and familiarity. In this stage, we help clients in:

  • implementing the plan by taking specific actions and checking for validation;
  • shifting the pivot from a position of uncertainty to a position of predictability;
  • developing a satisfying career path and resolving challenging situations.
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Take Control now.

Recovery from workplace trauma, recalibrated strategies to help you level-up & restored confidence in yourself – all these are up for your taking and what we excel at giving!

Meet The Coach

Jaideep (Jay) Banerji
Workplace Success Coach

With more than 16 years of diverse professional experience in both large multinational corporations and start-ups, Jay has directly supported and collaborated with more than 25 cross-functional senior executives and leaders globally. This experience allowed him to keenly observe, study, and understand the complexity of people and organizations. Melding his academic training in Science (Engineer) and Management (MBA), he developed a methodology called HARK, to deal with uncertainty at the workplace so that it did not become a stumbling block in achieving his professional objectives. The success he found with it prodded him to share it with the world. Since then, HARK has helped scores of employees deepen their Personal Intelligence and understand themselves better in the context of their social settings.

In his spare time, Jay strikes a balance between his two passions – cooking and working out. He has lived in four metropolitan cities across two continents but now makes his home in New Delhi, India.

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